Kate Spade Cross Body Handbags Reviews

After my post about Kate Spade’s totes and shoulder bags I thought it would be a nice idea to actually get to know the thoughts and opinions of my readers and see if they love and admire this brand as much as I do.
In today’s post about Kate Spade Cross Body Handbags I am not going to share my personal opinions as I usually do, instead some of the readers of Bon and Ton will give you their own reviews of handbags they had a chance to use for a longer period of time.
I believe it can be really interesting and useful to get to know other girls’ experiences, especially if you are in a process of selecting a new model and still have some doubts about aspects like price/quality ratio, versatility or practicality.
I really hope you enjoy it and I am looking forward to getting your feedbacks.

Kate Spade Cross Body Bags Reviews

Anna Johnson, 23 from Elgin (IL)
I bought my first Kate Spade’s handbag about four months ago and I knew from the first moment the model I wanted was the Cobble Hill Mini Minka.
I was looking for a small-sized bag to match with my summer outfits while out on a date or meeting my friends and I can tell it was a perfect choice.
I went for a light pink version not only because it’s actually my favorite color but also because I found it easy to match with most of my warm season’s clothes.
After four months of quite an intense use I can tell it still looks perfect so it was definitely worth its price.

kate spade cross body handbags

Caroline Pileski, 32 from San Antonio (TX)

I am a big fan of Kate Spade and I am lucky to own quite a large number of her amazing handbags.
When I was asked to review one of the brands’ cross body bags I decided to talk about the Cobble Hill Ellen.
This handbag was actually a Christmas gift I received from my sister-in-law and probably one of the best gifts ever.
So what do I love about it? Certainly the chain detail on the leather strap, the lining and theĀ gold printed ksny signature and spade stud.
I am not crazy about the color since I prefer the vivid shades but it works out perfectly with autumn and winter outfits.

kate spade reviews

Maria Sarah Moore, 38 from Garner (NC)

I found my Dean Street Julian online and bought it for a very good and convenient price.
I love its sophisticated design and the quality is just amazing. I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a stylish and high-quality bag.

cross body

Katie Gonzalez, 19 from Sacramento (CA)

My purple Bright Ideas Maritza is so far my favorite cross body bag ever!
It works out perfectly with both casual and elegant looks and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
It costs $ 328.00 and I do realize it’s an important amount of money but I believe it’s totally worth it.

kate spade reviews

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

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