Kate Spade Satchels

Kate Spade is an incredibly talented and creative fashion designer and her collections are all about original and extremely creative fashion items.
When it comes to satchels If you look well enough you might find few traditional classic pieces but most of them are just a synonym of two words: fun and charming.
The color palette is also very interesting and I love the choice of vivid shades that will certainly manage to bright up any outfit.
Some of the Kate Spade satchels are particularly eye-catching and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t share with you this fantastic Cinema City Popcorn Bag ($358.00) which I fell in love with from the first sight.
Honestly this is one of the funniest handbags I have ever seen in my entire life and it would be so great to actually wear it for a night out at the movies, can you imagine? :-)

kate spade popcorn bag

Another beautiful handbag you can’t miss in this collection is the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag ($498.00).
This piece is available in a large palette of colors which include purple, red and pink, black, red and black and macchiato.
I love the feminine design and 14-karat light gold-plated hardware adds a touch of class to the whole effect.

kate spade satchels

There is also another more pricey version of the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag which costs $ 998.00 and comes in black and macchiato leather combined with italian leopard print calf hair side.

2 park avenue beau bag

I immediately noticed this gorgeous yellow pebbled satchel - Sedgewick Place Emilia ($598.00).
If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your closet this could probably be a perfect option for you, however if you find yellow too bold there is a black version of this satchel available as well.

satchels collection

The West Valley Small Maryanne ($348.00) is a very romantic piece that will work out perfectly with a princess like outfit (and not only).
It is a small size bag but it can still fit a lot of things and make sure you check out its charming light green dot lining as well.
designer bag

The handbag you can see on the next picture (Catherine Street Joanie at $ 398.00) drew my attention especially because of its wonderful deep emerald color.
I also like the turnlock closure and irresistible small bow ties printed on inside lining.

kate spade satchels collection

If you love stripes then check out the Flatiron Nylon Maryanne ($198.00) – a spacious and practical piece perfect for work, shopping or travelling.
The presence of interior zips and pockets will help you to keep your belongings tidy and organized.

nylon handbag

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

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