Kate Spade Shoulder Bags

After my post about satchels today I want to take a closer look at Kate Spade shoulder bags and share with you my favorite pieces.
In whatever project Kate Spade’s name is included we know we can expect something really interesting and all but boring and banal, in fact I was almost sure this collection was going to steal my heart immediately. And I was right!
You notice straight away that these bags were designed by a real artist and I appreciate a deep attention that was paid to every single detail in every single shoulder bag available in this collection.
Most of the handbags are big and spacious and perfect for everyday use but I also find them to be a wonderful source of inspiration and an ideal starting point for a stylish and classy outfit.
Let’s wait no more and see some of the amazing pieces included in Kate Spade shoulder bags collection.
I would like to start with this pretty Bow Terrace Fabric Small Fulton ($ 358.00) – a lovely piece characterized by a tricolor graphics and an adorable bow.

best handbags

If you are looking for a classic and timeless black shoulder bag that is going to last for years you might like this leather Cedar Street Luciana ($ 348.00).
This a really well-made piece, resistant to the passage of time and available in grey and in red as well.

kate spade leather bag

I am obsessed with colorful and fun fashion items and I like to complete my outfits with them all year long no matter of the weather conditions outside.
I actually tend to go bolder during the miserable days trying to cheer myself up by adding something joyful and “crazy” to my look.
You can imagine my reaction when I saw that the Cedar Street Medium Harmony ($ 298.00) was available in such a wonderful palette of vivid colors such as pink, yellow, red and purple.
I find this model lovely and absolutely irresistible and it goes straight to the top of my fall-winter season wish list.

kate spade shoulder bags

If you are a fan of an animal leopard print check out the Cedar Street Animal Medium Harmony as well ($ 298.00).

leopard print bag

The Abbey Court Tasmin ($ 378.00) is an example of a perfect combination of functionality with style.
It is available in beige and in bordeaux and I like both of the versions very much.

kate spade collection

Another piece from Kate Spade collection of shoulder bags I found really interesting is this gorgeous Oxford Stree Garret ($ 348.00).
Made of metallic crocodile embossed leather and with dot inside lining this handbag is a great smaller size piece ideal for many occasions.

shoulder bags

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

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