Michael Kors Handbags

When it comes to handbags Michael Kors is one of the most famous and respected designers in the fashion industry. All of my girlfriends love his pretty goodies and there is no better Christmas or birthday gift to treat them with than a nice MK handbag from the new collection.
I am myself a huge fan of this American brand so I understand and share their excitement and we spend a lot of time checking out either the thrilling novelties or inspiring iconic pieces we already know very well.

michael kors handbags

Michael Kors Totes

The most famous and desired element of Michael Kors handbags collection is definitely their line of totes. These models come in such a wide variety of designs and colors it will make your head spinning.
I am going to take this opportunity and name some of my favorites pieces from this line. First of all this Large Selma Saffiano Tote, it costs $ 378.00 and I find it extremely feminine and sophisticated at the same time. I love the combination of black and blue – my favorite colors together.

michael kors totes

Another piece I really like is this gorgeous Michael Kors Extra Small Kiki Dot-Print Tote ($ 138.00). I guess it would make a wonderful casual bag that will manage to cheer up even the simplest of outfits.

tote collection

The third and the last model from the totes collection I would like to mention here is this Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote ($ 298.00).
I know I am not being particularly original here since it is a typical classic MK tote but this is actually why I like it so much.
This handbag is not only spacious and practical but thanks to neutral color and simple design also easy to match with many fashion items.

michael kors

Michael Kors Shoulder Bags

Let’s move on to Michael Kors Shoulder Bags now and discover the most exciting pieces. This Large Leigh Shoulder Bag ($398.00) with sand python-print leather immediately drew my attention and will make a perfect accessory for many of my future looks.

michael kors shoulder bags

Other models from this line that are already on my wish list are a Large Uptown Astor Shoulder Bag, a Medium Susannah Quilted Bag, a Large Weston Pebbled Shoulder Bag and a Medium Stanthorpe Shoulder Bag you can see on the picture below.
It is made of a black tortuga leather which I simply love together with a chain and leather handle and quite irresistible inside monogram satin lining.

designer handbags

Michael Kors Crossbody Bags

This is probably my favorite line from the entire collection and it would be very difficult to find even just one piece that I don’t like – all of them are actually pretty amazing.
There is a Medium Selma Studded Messenger ($258.00) with pyramid-stud trim, very elegant and stylish at the same time.

michael kors crossbody bags

Another crossbody bag which certainly deserves your attention is this gorgeous Medium Chelsea Calf-Hair Messenger ($ 328.00).
I think it would make an excellent evening bag and I love the black leather with cheetah-print dyed calf hair as well as tassel and logo medallion details.

leather messenger

I also wanted to mention the super stylish and functional iPhone cases available in this collection.
You can choose between a Saffiano PVC iPhone 5 Crossbody or a Snake-Embossed iPhone Crossbody Case – both of them really cute and practical solutions.

michael kors iphone case

Michael Kors Satchels

Satchels are a wonderful option for those of you who need a spacious and easy to wear bag that will complete your daily outfits.
Michael Kors’ goodies definitely meet these requirements but at the same time have a lot to offer from the aesthetical point of view as well.
One of my favorite pieces is this black Large Grayson Logo PVC Satchel ($ 328.00) – versatile and practical.

michael kors satchels

Michael Kors Skorpios Zip-Top Satchel ($ 995.00) makes a perfect accessory and I love the top handles with rings and golden elements which add a touch of elegance and class to the whole effect.


Michael Kors Clutches

I obviously couldn’t forget about the wonderful line of Michael Kors clutches as well which includes amazing pieces such as a Large Tippi Zip Clutch, a Weston Two-Tone Foldover Clutch, a Large Jet Set Travel Clutch or a Gia Ostrich-Embossed Clutch just to name few of them.
I also like this Large Jet Set Grommet Zip Clutch ($ 108.00) you can see on the next picture made of sapphire pebbled leather with all over silver color grommets.

clutches collection

Check out also Michael Kors Gia Metallic Quilted Leather Clutch ($ 550.00) in silver metallic quilted leather and with logo-engraved push-lock clasp.

leather clutch

Photos courtesy of www.michaelkors.com.

Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Every fashion victim on this planet will probably jump up and down with excitement as soon as she hears these magical words being pronounced - Dooney and Bourke Handbags.
When the company was first founded back in 1975 it actually offered only belts and suspenders but thank heaven few years later it expanded and started the handbags production as well.
Since then Dooney and Bourke bags have become a synonym of good style and a perfect accessory for millions of women around the world.
The American brand is well-known for its wide and rich collections that include a large variety of pieces in order to meet your needs and satisfy your fashion taste.
It is truly a perfect place to go when you are in need for a new bag, whether it’s a casual tote or an elegant purse you are looking for.

dooney and bourke handbags

Dooney and Bourke Leather Handbags

Dooney and Bourke leather handbags’ collection is the largest one and includes a huge number of lines such as:

  • Oberland bags – what you can find here are two very interesting models: Large Grommet Sac and Medium Grommet Sac that will make a perfect accessory for your everyday outfits.
  • Exclusive Python Editor’s Travel Bag – this one is a very unique and sophisticated bag thanks to which you are not going to pass unnoticed.
  • Quilted Nubuk – this wonderful line includes a Satchel, a Zip Zip Shoulder Bag, a Shopper and a Flap Crossbody – all pretty amazing and worth looking at.
  • Quilted Florentine – if a unique design and timeless class is what you are longing for then you must take a look at this line.
  • Smooth Leather Large Pocket Shopper – spacious and hardy this bag will stay with you for years and still look perfect.
  • Metallic Leather Lexington Shopper – I really fell in love with the beautiful color of this handbag, I think it will brighten up your outfits in the best possible way.
  • Embossed Snakeskin – the O-Ring Shopper with Tan Trim is my favorite piece but make sure you check out the entire collection to discover all the lovely models vailable.
  • Montebono – it was love at the first sight for me and I like to go back often to this wonderful line when I am in need of fashion inspirations.
    I love the colors, design, style and fabrics and could welcome the entire line into my closet.
  • Florentine Edge – as soon as you check out this line you are going to have a hard time forgetting about famous Savannah Satchels available in different sizes.
  • Snake
  • Nubuk Italia
  • Montecatini - this line includes beautiful leather bags such as Medium Ring Hobo, Diamond Shopper, Small Ring Hobo, Large Zip Zip Satchel and Button Slouch.
  • Davis Leather Logo Lock Tote
  • DB Retro Leather - looking for a retro touch combined with class and elegance? This line might be a perfect place to start from.
  • Mauro Governa
  • Lambskin
  • Florentine – this line is an incredibly wide one and you are going to find tens of handbags in different colors, shapes and designs.
  • Dillen 
  • All Weather Leather - one of the most famous lines of handbags by Dooney and Bourke with its fantastic Duck Bag.
  • Amazon – shoulder bags, drawstrings, shoppers and satchels – all these and more is waiting for you in this wonderful line.
  • Alto - this is another line with a wide choice of handbags, unfortunately I can’t name all of them but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention my absolutely favorite piece – a Magnetic Crossbody – original and stylish at the same time.
  • Calf
  • Patent – these shiny and glossy pieces will make a perfect summer accessory in my opinion.
  • Ostrich
  • Nubuk
  • Python
  • Croco
  • Pebble Grain - the models that manged to drive my attention are Fredrica Bag, Juliette Hobo and Medium Susanna.

dooney and bourke leather handbags

Now let’s take a look at the Signature line of Dooney and Bourke bags.

  • Florentine Jacquard - this line includes pieces which are quite elegant but this shouldn’t stop you from combining them with outfits in different style too.
    If you get creative you can really get amazing results.
  • 1975 Signature – I might have already mentioned that on this blog so forgive me if I am being repetitive but I really love the travel bags and suitcases available in this line.
    Check out the 1975 Rolling Trunk and let me know if you share my enthusiasm.

signature bags

If you love colorful, original and creative handbags you will certainly like the Grafica line of Dooney and Bourke.

  • Beach Umbrella Leisure Shopper – ideal way to complete your holiday’s looks.
  • Hydrangea – this line includes lovely feminine and romantic pieces my favorite of which is a Small Double Handle Tote.
  • Cupcakes – probably the sweetest line of handbags that was ever designed.
    One of these “cupcake bag” will make it a tiny bit easier to go through a hard and long day.
  • DB Retro – with Dooney and Bourke logo graphics.
  • Tartan – includes a Small Barrel Bag, a Braided Shopper and a Satchel.

dooney and bourke grafica handbags

The last line of Dooney and Bourke handbags is the Fabric line which includes:

  • Eva – this line includes a selection of nice and well-made bags, ideal for more than just one occasion.
  • Nylon and Nylon Print – here you are going to find fun, practical and easy to wear pieces just perfect for every day use. Check out the Nylon Print line as well for some really nice animal print pieces.
  • Cabriolet – the Small Tablet Crossbody absolutely stole my heart and I know all the tech addicts are with me :-)
  • Canvas
  • Reusable Canvas Tote – eco-friendly and comfortable for shopping.

dooney and bourke

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Amazon Handbags

When it comes to leather handbags collections of Dooney and Bourke you absolutely can’t miss the Amazon line – one of my favorites.
Dooney and Bourke Amazon Handbags are characterized by elegant and sophisticated design and will take your outfits to a completely new level.
If you love high-quality and unique bags these made of embossed leather pieces definitely deserve your attention.
What follows is a personal list of my favorite models from this line but make sure you check out the entire collection on the official website so that you won’t miss anything interesting.
I am going to start with this red Extended Zip Zip Satchel that would make a perfect accessory for this upcoming cold season.
This model gives me a sensation of being very durable and well made so it would be a great investment for years to come.

dooney and bourke amazon handbags

Medium U Crossbody is a practical and easy to wear handbag and I love the tongue tab and loop closure.

amazon collection bags

Another bag from the Dooney and Bourke Amazon line which particularly drew my attention is this lovely Tall Double Handle Shopper.
This handbag is available in brown, red and orange but it’s its classic black version that managed to steal my heart.
It was designed to be a shopper bag but I think it could work out perfectly for many different occasions.


Looking through this collection I just couldn’t bring myself to say no to this beautiful Magnetic Satchel.
This bag features a handle, a strap, two inside pockets and a magnetic snap closure and is available in four colors: black, brown, red and natural.

dooney and bourke satchel

If you tend to carry lots of things around with you and need something particularly big and spacious you have to take a look at Dooney and Bourke’s Extra Large Zip Zip Satchel.
My favorite version of this bag comes in French blue and believe me it can fit a lot of things inside.
Practicality, style and good taste combined together, can you actually ask for anything more than that?

designer bag collection

I am going to close my favorites’ list with this gorgeous Tassel Bag that satisfies all the requirements of an ideal accessory since it’s stylish, luxury and versatile at the same time.

tassel bag

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather Handbags

After my recent post about Montecatini bags I decided to check out other lines of Dooney and Bourke leather goodies and today we are going to take a look at All Weather Leather Handbags line. If you are a loyal reader of this blog you might have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with this American brand and you are not going to be surprised if I tell you that I love this line as much as I loved the previous ones we already had a chance to admire here. Apart from the aesthetical aspects (which I am going to go back to later on) these models have a huge advantage of being waterproof thanks to which your belongings will remain safe and dry no matter of the weather conditions. Most of you will also know that the first AWL handbag collection was released back in 1983 so we are in front of some very authentic iconic fashion pieces. All Weather Leather line of handbags includes models that can melt your heart so get ready to discover these fashionable goodies. I am not going to be very orignal to put this gorgeous Duck Bag on the first place of my personal ranking. I simply love the duck logo feature combined with a perfectly precise design and a small size of it.

all weather leather handbags

Medium Lucy will be a wonderful companion during my hectic and busy days and the color palette includes red, brown, black, white and ivy.
Let me know what’s your favorite version, I would probably go for the red one.

dooney and bourke medium lucy

A girl can never have enough satchel in her closet and I can have never enough of Dooney and Bourke satchels.
I like it in all the available colors and wouldn’t mind taking all of them home:-)

all weather leather bags collection

This Large Equestrian will blend in perfectly with both casual and formal looks and such versatile handbags are always more than welcome in my closet.

designer bags

When I look for a Drawstring bag I know there is no better place to go then to Dooney and Bourke.
The American brand is a real expert at creating the most fashionable and cool pieces and I never get disappointed by their goodies.
The Medium Drawstring from the All Weather Leather Collection comes in a variety of colors mu favorite of which is the ivory one on the picture below.

dooney and bourke drawstring

We are able to find quite an interesting version of a Letter Carrier in this collection as well.
I love the outside snap pockets and the pink lining – simply irresistible.

letter carrier bag

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Nylon Handbags

Untill I got to know Dooney and Bourke nylon handbags I didn’t even realise how much I actually liked this particular fabric.
I never really had a bag made of nylon before so it was a pleasant surprise to discover all these amazing pieces and I immediately wanted to complete my closet with at least one of them.
I can even dare to say these are some of the most wearable and practical bags to combine with casual outfits I ever had a chance to see (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot:-) ).
The collection itself offers an incredible number of pieces when it comes to colors, shapes and sizes so consider yourself lucky if you can buy more than one model (I am supposed to select one bag and believe me I am having a hard time in doing so).
Even though I don’t need a backpack right now (and I am not planning to buy one) for some reason (maybe because school starts soon) my attention was drawn to this cute pink model.
I love the design of it so much and you have to check it out in different colors too, the color palette is quite wide so it’s very like you are going to find your favorite shade.

dooney and bourke nylon handbags

Victoria Bag deserves a title of a perfect summer accessory especially if you consider the colors, I love the combination of sky-blue nylon on the outside and yellow lining inside.

victoria bag

Looking for inspiration for this upcoming autumn’s outfits I came across this lovely Messenger Bag and thought it would complete my looks in the best possible way.
Of course if only you get creative you can use this bag in so many different ways, I personally see it with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt plus a nice pair of boots and there you have an ideal casual and comfortable look but still stylish and cool.

dooney and bourke messenger bag

Dooney and Bourke nylon handbags’ collection includes many large and spacious pieces as well.
If I had to select my favorite one it would probably be this gorgeous Editor’s Tote available in yellow, orange, red blue grey and in many other colors.

nylon handbags

Nylon Print Handbags

For even more original and unique pieces you should check out the nylon print line of bags by Dooney and Bourke.
Animal prints along with colorful mosaics are waiting to add a special something to your daily outfits.
Look at this creative and definetely fun to wear Crossbody that will manage to catch everybody’s attention.

dooney and bourke nylon print bags

Novelty Large Tulip Shopper with leopard print will be a valuable addition to your collection and will manage to spice up your casual looks.

large shopper

If you like zebra prints you will enjoy a wide choice of bags since there are so many handbags in the collection featuring this famous animal pattern.
My top models include a Large Domed Satchel, a Drawstring and this wonderful Erica handbag you can see on the picture below.

zebra print bags

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Florentine Jacquard Handbags

After my post about the 1975 Signature line of bags today I am going to check out Dooney and Bourke Florentine Jacquard handbags collection and share with you my thoughts and opinions.
Everyone who loves fashion and stays informed about all the news from the fashion industry knows Dooney and Bourke is a real expert at creating stylish and high-quality accessories.
I love the wide choice this American brand keeps offering and how thanks to that their collections never get boring and monotonous.
On this blog I already had a chance to talk about different lines of bags by Dooney and Bourke and even though they vary in styles and designs they are all equally wonderful and irresistible.
If you didn’t have a chance to admire these pretty creations yet read my previous posts about Montebono, Alto or Florentine Bags, just to name few while I am going to focus on Florentine Jacquard handbags right now.
Let’s start with The Smith Bag ($268) which is available in brown, red and in black.
I like the outside pockets with D&B logo on them and think this model will look just perfect with a great amount of outfits.

dooney and bourke florentine jacquard handbags

Zipper Top Sac ($198) will fulfill my style cravings as well as the need of a spacious and practical bag.

dooney and bourke zipper sac

Barrel Pocket Satchel ($268) is probably my favorite piece from this collection.
I fell in love with its black version which I find very elegant but at the same time easy to much with many of my fashion items (not necessarily only with the refined ones).
I like the practical medium size of it as well and it goes straight to the top of my wish list.

barrel pocket satchel

As I already mentioned before Dooney and Bourke’s collections tend to include handbags in different styles and sizes in order to satisfy needs and taste of all of their clients.
If you are looking for a functional bag to help you go through your busy working days with class and style make sure you check out this beautiful Front Pocket Satchel ($248).

florentine jacquard

Medium Taylor Shopper ($238) is a universal and wearable piece ideal for storing your belongings during shopping, work or even travelling.
It is available in red (my favorite), black and brown while the inside lining is strictly red as usual.

medium shopper

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke 1975 Signature Handbags

Dooney and Bourke 1975 Signature Handbags are a synonym of elegance and good style and will without a doubt satisfy even the most demanding part of the customers.
This incredible collection is all about timeless pieces deigned to guarantee the best possible results and no wonder these bags are loved and admired by women all around the world and of all ages.
We had a chance to take a look at the Grafica line of bags already and today I would like to share with you some of the most interesting pieces from the 1975 Signature line.
Let’s start with this Large Taylor Shopper that I fell in love with mainly due to its gorgeous red color.
I really like the gold piping combined with red leather and also a magnetic snap closure.
Take a look at it and let me know if share my enthusiasm about this handbag.

dooney and bourke 1975 signature handbags

This Medium Duffle immediately drew my attention and if you are looking for a stylish hand luggage to carry with you on your trips this bag can be a perfect option.
It’s certainly very spacious and practical and it already has a luggage tag attached.

medium duffle

And since we are talking about travelling it’s an ideal moment to mention another wonderful travel accessory available in Dooney and Bourke’s collection - 1975 Rolling Trunk.
It’s a truly amazing fashion item that would be more than welcome in my own private collection.
I love the vintage style of it and also the sweet inside lining in irresistible sky-blue fabric.
Apart from all the aesthetical aspects that us women love so much this piece has all the necessary elements every suitcase should have - an adjustable pop up handle, wheels and a combination lock.
I think that packing becomes a much nicer task with such a beautiful and trendy suitcase.

dooney and bourke suitcase

Who said diaper bags have to be boring and characterless? Dooney and Bourke makes sure young and busy moms stay classy and chic and don’t have to give up enjoying nice looking and practical accessories.

diaper bag dooney and bourke

Another wonderful bag certainly worth checking out is this Janine Satchel you can see on the next picture.
This one is a perfect accessory for an elegant busy woman who pays attention to details.
You can use it as a handle bag or use a detachable strap when needed.
It is available in brown and in white.

janine satchel

Dooney and Bourke satchels are some of their most famous and loved pieces and having one of them in your collection will without a doubt add lots of style and quality to your closet.
These handbags are meant to stay with us for many seasons and thanks to their high-quality remain in perfect conditions for years.

dooney and bourke satchels

When it comes to small size handbags you can’t miss Dooney and Bourke’s Letter Carrier which can be easily matched with many outfits and looks.

letter carrier

For more information on Dooney and Bourke handbags check out our posts on Patent Leather Bags and Dillen Handbags as well.

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Grafica Handbags

Dooney and Bourke Grafica line of handbags includes so many wonderful and interesting pieces that you know I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t share them with you.
First of all since we are in full summer season and trips to the beach become more frequent I just have to tell you about this gorgeous Beach Umbrella Leisure Shopper which can be a perfect solution for these hot and sunny days.
It is a very versatile model and can be used as a very stylish beach bag but also as an ideal every day handbag to use while you are on holiday.
I like the choice of colors and absolutely love the sweet and colorful umbrellas graphics – I probably can’t imagine a better handbag to complete my holiday look.

dooney and bourke grafica handbags

The Grafica collection of Dooney and Bourke handbags includes also the Hydrangea line – another one absolutely worth looking at.
I find these models very delicate and romantic mostly due to the use of pastels and flowers’ petals graphic.
Let’s check out together some of the pieces that drew my attention.
First of all this pretty Lucy Bag w/o Pockets – really adorable and irresistible model.

dooney and bourke hydrangea

The Leisure Shopper you can see on the picture that comes next is characterized not only by beautiful design but also by practicality and lot’s of space to fit all your belongings.
This spacious bag with many inside pockets is an easy to wear and comfortable piece easy to match with many of your spring and summer outfits.

leisure shopper

Another model from this line which immediately drew my attention is this Small Barrel Bag with gorgeous white petals.

dooney and bourke small bag

If you are a fan of cupcakes (I definitely am) you will love the handbags I am going to show you next.
The sweet graphic is kind of irresistible and I can already tell these bags will make a perfect gift for all my cupcake-addicted friends.
They will make an ideal summer accessory able to cheer up any of your outfits.
This sweet collection includes classic satchel, leisure shopper, small barrel bag, Lucy bag, letter carrier and east/west shopper.

cupcakes bags collection

Another wonderful line of Grafica handbags by Dooney and Bourke is the DB Retro line.
If there are any young mommies out there reading this you just have to check out this fantastic diaper bag which is not only practical but also stylish.
It has a changing pad and plenty useful pockets, the most important of which are the two bottle pockets.

dooney and bourke diaper bag

If I had to choose my favorite model from this line I think I would go for this large and spacious Vanessa handbag – ideal for shopping and for traveling.

vanessa handbag

And last but not least I would like to mention the Tartan line which includes a small barrel bag (vailable in three different colors), a braided shopper (with a leather strap and coated cotton fabric) and a satchel (with both – a handle and a strap).
In the picture that comes next you can see my favorite version of the satchel (a red one) – I find this model incredibly refined and sophisticated.

grafica handbags

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Patent Leather Handbags

After my post about Pebble Grain line of bags today I am going to take a look at Dooney and Bourke Patent Leather Handbags.
This line of bags is a particularly fun one with all the beautiful and vivid colors which are certainly the first thing to draw our attention.
We all know patent leather fashion items are characterized by a glossy shiny finish and for me that’s actually the best part of it.
I can hardly ever say no to anything that’s shiny, polished and gleaming so I was thrilled to discover this gorgeous collection that quickly become one of my favorite of all times.
What we find in the Patent Leather line is mostly sweet, colorful and feminine pieces meant to brighten up our daily looks and outfits.
A model which definitely encloses all these adjectives is this fantastic Domed Satchel ($198.00).
It is available in an elegant black version but I would without a doubt go for one of the vibrant pieces like this green and pink one you can see on the picture.

dooney and bourke patent leather handbags

Drawstring ($198.00) in a patent leather version is even more tempting and lovable than usual and if it comes in turquoise/navy colors then it’s simply irresistible.
I love a little heart detail on the side as well.

patent leather bags

Dooney and Bourke’s shoppers are always really amazing and stylish and I perpetually underline what a pleasure it is to go shopping with such a wonderful accessory.
Apart from the aesthetical aspects this model is also roomy and practical with two inside pockets and a very useful inside divider zipper pocket.
From the wide choice of colors available here my heart was stolen by this white/black combination which also reflects this season’s trends.


Unlike the model on the picture above this Large Shopper ($278.00) comes in just one color and this total vibrant orange one would be a perfect option for me.

dooney and bourke handbags line

Small Shopper ($238.00) is also available for those of you who are looking for bags in smaller sizes.
This piece comes in pink, white, orange and black, it’s easy to wear and to match with other fashion items.
small shopper

And the last but certainly not the least take a look at this beautiful model from Dooney and Bourke Patent Leather Handbags Collection - East/West Shopper ($278.00).
I like the way its strap goes kind of all the way around the bag and I love the sophisticated inside lining.
My number one is the taupe one but you can choose your favorite color from a wide palette which includes black, red, bordeoux, blue and mink.

designer handbags

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.

Dooney and Bourke Pebble Grain Leather Handbags

Here I am again, talking about one of my favorite brands one more time focusing on the Pebble Grain line of Dooney and Bourke leather handbags.
This collection features so many wonderful and interesting pieces that I am already looking forward to enriching my closet with at least one them.
If you are fond of feminine designs and best quality fabrics you are very likely going to fall in love with these pieces as well.
Choose your favorite model and make it a highlight of your outfit or simply enjoy and get inspired by this great line.

Pebble Grain Letaher Handbags

Let’s start our journey through the Pebble Grain line of Dooney and Bourke leather handbags from this Classic Satchel ($258.00) in a sweet and irresistable dark pink.
I think it’s always a good idea to have a bag like this one in your collection since it’s a wonderful accessory independently of the season or your outfit’s style.

dooney and bourke pebble grain

Fredrica Bag ($228.00) is another fantastic option which I see especially suitable for casual looks and outfits.
It’s without a doubt very practical model, easy to wear with its long adjustable strap and perfect if you tend to carry a lot of stuff with you.
I like the combination of red leather with elements of the brown one and other options available include blue with brown and total black.

pebble grain collection

When it comes to handbags in smaller sizes my absolute number one is this green Letter Carrier ($158.00).
I love the color but it’s not the only option available since the incredibly wide color palette includes black, cranberry, brown, grey, blue, pink and red.
I love the outside zip pocket and a strap, I am sure this model will cheer up many of my future outfits with a touch of its vivid and joyful color.

dooney and bourke letter carrier

Also Juliette Hobo ($268.00) comes in a wide range of color but the model I like most is in a neutral brown this time.
I think it’s one of these classic, quite elegant pieces you can use all the time without worrying about trends.

juliette hobo bag

The loyal readers know I am a big fan of zips (as strange as it may sound) and I have the same feelings about pockets as well :-) .
I like pockets under every form, shape, color and in every fashion item (o.k. almost in every fashion item).
So I guess it comes as no surprise for you that one of my favorite pieces from the Pebble Grain collection of handbags was this ivory Pebble Leather Janine w/Front Pocket ($238.00).
I do love the design and just overall style of this bag and sophisticated and elaborate lining.
Check out also different colors and let me know what you think and which one is your favorite.

pebble grain handbags

And since each fashion’s victim favorites way of spending free time is shopping then you have to take a look at this Lexington Shopper ($228.00).
The brown straps and pink leather are ideal ingredients for a stylish accessory, perfect as a shopping’s companion.

lexington shopper

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.