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Louis Vuitton Shoes Fall 2014

The new adorable selection of Louis Vuitton Shoes for Fall 2014 is ready and filled with plenty incredible pieces.
If you love fashion you have to take a moment and dive into this wonderful and inspiring line that has an ability to capture women’s attention like no other.
In my opinion it is one of the best collections of the season and I gave it a thumb up from the very first second I saw it.
Louis Vuitton Shoes for Fall 2014 are luxurious and stylish and just perfect for a woman who doesn’t accept anything less than perfect.
Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the new collection.

I love this gorgeous Daring Ankle Boot made from black lace on a nude satin base and embellished with flowers in guipure.
It’s an excellent evening option but I think it would look equally great with a pair of jeans or a skirt for a during the day look.
If you like the use of a lace as much as I do check out the open toe pumps and flat slippers that come in a similar style.

louis vuitton shoes

Another pair of shoes that drew my attention is Louis Vuitton Shocking Sandal which I believe can easily become a focal element of any outfit.
The combination of gold and silver is absolutely wonderful and I can see them working out perfectly with many different looks.

fall 2014 collection

If you need a break from high heels Louis Vuitton will make sure you do it with class and elegance.
Honestly flat shoes by this French brand are absolutely charming and hard to resist even for such a high heel addict like myself.
Take a look at this amazing and easy to wear piece with a patchwork of Louis Vuitton studs on the heel.


What about a pair of sophisticated and comfy Gloria Loafers with a Monogram pattern and a leather lace?

shoes fall 2014

When it comes to boots you are going to find unique pieces which just like the rest of the collection are a synonym of high-quality and timelessness and won’t disappoint even the most demanding of you.
The Zippy High Boots managed to catch my attention immediately and is already my number one must have for fall 2014.
I love the combination of a goat leather on the leg with a smooth calf leather on the upper.

footwear for women

Insider High Boots are another lovely alternative for colder days with its trendy and femminine design and an original key holder accessory.

louis vuitton boots

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Michael Kors Pumps

We already had a chance to discover all the novelties when it comes to sandals and wedges so now it’s time to move on to Michael Kors pumps line and see if we find this season’s must haves in there.
After the first quick glance we notice immediately that MK pumps collection features mainly classic and timeless models – the ones that every woman should have in their closet and will hardly ever come out of fashion.
We have shoes in neutral color which are easy to match but there are also few “crazy” models available for those of you who like to go bold from time to time.
In fact you will see later on that black is the most popular color of this line but I am sure the pink models are not going to pass unnoticed.
Michael Kors Joselle Pointed-Toe Pump is a perfect example of an elegant classy and minimalist pair of shoes appropriate for so many occasions and learly a must-have which can be worn over and over again.

michael kors pumps

Michael Kors Paxton Pointed Cap-Toe Pump with its white cap pointed toe is an elegant and chick option which will look great with a multitude of combinations.

michael kors shoes

The pair of shoes that you can see on the next picture is one of my favorite models of the line.
Pink and black look really stylish combined together and I love feminine design as well as the golden logo medallion on outside.
This pair of pumps is available in a black version as well.

designer pumps

Another pink model – absolutely sweet and irresistible with its gorgeous bow detail and just perfect for a feminine summer look.
You can have a lot of fun with these pumps and try to combine them with other items you already have, adding a touch of style to the simplest of them.

shoes for women

If you like animal prints check out this fashionable pair of shoes that features leopard print and a metallic cap.
Sometimes it might be a little tricky to wear footwear with animal prints and in order to avoid a pretentious or vulgar look remember to keep it simple and make sure no to excess.
Michael Kors Paxton Calf-Hair Pump will work out great with an elegant black dress or with stylish beige pants.


Open-toe pumps are always well accepted especially for warm seasons.
If I had to use just three words to describe this Michael Kors York Patent Platform Pump model I would say: versatile timeless and feminine.
They are also available in beige and in bordeaux.
The high-quality materials used for these shoes make them really comfortable and feet friendly and I personally just couldn’t ask for more.

michael kors footwear

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Christian Louboutin Shoes, Spring Summer 2013

After my post about Christian Louboutin handbags I just had to check out the new shoes collection of this famous designer for spring summer 2013. I think it would be very difficult to find a fashion lover who isn’t just completely crazy about Louboutin footwear. You won’t be surprised when I tell you that Christian Louboutin is one of my favorite shoe designers and I find his creations absolutely extraordinary. I had a feeling the warm seasons were going to bring some amazing pieces and it will be really hard to resit them, and I was right. The French designer spoils us with an incredible and colorful line that includes all you need for a perfectly stylish and classy summer. I particularly liked the use of vivid colors such as pink, orange, yellow or purple but also the choice of fabrics. I think Christian Louboutin shoes will be really fun to wear and I can’t wait to match them with other items and create interesting and eye-catching looks ideal for making a fashion statement. And if you are in need of inspiration you can always check out the latest celebrities styles since there are so many Hollywood stars well-known for their love for Louboutin creations. Let’s wait no more and see together the newest Christian Louboutin shoes collection for spring summer 2013.

These wedges are an excellent option for women who love colors and fashion mixed up together. Blue and green remind me of my holidays in Greece and it’s a good thing since we are talking about summer shoes. This model is available also in purple and orange combination of colors.

christian louboutin shoes 2013

Another amazing pair I’d like to share with you is this pink model with a black 10 cm heel. I find them extremely feminine and I think they fully reflect what I call a true Christian Louboutin style.

christian louboutin summer footwear

Staying in a “pink zone” we find also this interesting model with pink and transparent stripes – very cute and stylish at the same time.

spring shoes 2013

Even though Christian Louboutin is best-known for its incredible high-heels the new collection includes some very comfy and easy to wear models as well. Starting from these gorgeous PVC ballet flats with a snake print and red detail.

christian louboutin ballet flats

And who said comfortable shoes can’t be pretty?

spring summer shoes collection

Another model that literally stole my heart and I find ideal for elegant looks and important occasions is this gorgeous pair of heels you can see on the picture below. They will add a touch of glamour to your outfit with their silver crystals and the iconic red sole and for me they are real princess shoes :-) .

christian louboutin footwear

The French shoes designer hardly ever goes for simple solutions and most of the time his creations are characterized by bold and eye-catching designs. This was definitely a case of this fabulous model  that has some really interesting features and will certainly make heads turn.

summer shoes for women

Similar colors and design was used for this model as well.

christian louboutin spring 2013

One of my favorite elements of the new spring summer 2013 collection is this fantastic pair of pumps which are feminine and sweet at the same time.
I really love the cute ribbon and the choice of colors as well as the height of the heel (160 mm).
I would definitely go for a blue and pink model but they are available also in green/blue/white and in different shades of brown.

designer shoes 2013

I am a big fan of ankle boots and I make sure a have a perfect pair for every season of the year.
Christian Louboutin’s model fully reflects my taste and the transparent heel and blue laces look amazing.

ankle boots

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Wedges Shoes Michael Kors

After my post about sandals I keep discovering all the new collections for this year’s warm seasons and Michael Kors wedges shoes immediately drew my attention.
When it comes to footwear wedges are without a doubt summer’s must have and I can’t imagine my shoes collection without them.
Michael Kors once again managed to meet my expectations by creating a fabulous line of shoes which includes amazing and really irresistible pieces.
American designer’s creations are a prefect example of high-quality, comfortable and super stylish shoes that will complete your outfit in the best possible way.
If you’ve been here for a while you probably know my huge love for vivid and bright colors and I how I almost always look at the colorful models first.
This time is no different and the first pair of wedges I’d like to tell you about is this pink Michael Kors Giovanna Cork Wedge Sandal.
I think it will be just ideal for hot summer days and I can already imagine wearing it with so many different things as I am sure it will look great with a dress or a skirt but also with a pair of shorts or with jeans.

michael kors wedges shoes

The model on the next picture - Michael Kors Giovanna Suede Espadrille Wedge Sandal is almost identical as the one above apart from the color.
I personally prefer the pink one but you can create many interesting looks with the blue navy one as well.

summer wedges

For a Greek ancient goddess look (and not only) check out this outstanding pair of wedges - Michael Kors Giovanna Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandal.
The gold leather will work out perfectly with a tanned skin creating a feminine and gracious look.

michael kors footwear

Another model from Michael Kors wedges collection that I really liked is this Michael Kors Damita Canvas Wedge Espadrille.
I love the gold zip detail as well as the use of canvas which equals summer for me.
I would use this model for casual outfits as they seem comfy and stylish and add these extra cm at the same time.
The neutral colors lets you combine them freely with many items and that’s really useful when it comes to every day use footwear.

michael kors wedges

And what do you think about this tiger print model?

michael kors summer shoes

My favorite model of all from Michael Kors wedges collection is this amazing Michael Kors Alexi Studded T-Strap Wedge Sandal.
Navy strappy leather with golden pyramid studs combined with extremely high wooden wedge heel with platform completely stole my heart.
And there’s nothing else I can add about it apart from the fact that I really love it!

wedges collection

If you like acrylic heels you might want to take a look at this interesting Michael Kors Lana Clear-Wedge Sandal.
These wedges shoes are much lower comparing to the pairs of wedges we’ve just seen so they are a practical and easy to wear option which can be used for formal occasions as well thanks to the design and the use of black leather.


Talking about comfort and practicability I have to mention this Vivian Sling Wedge Sandal available in beige.
The 1/2″ platform and 4″ covered wedge heel makes them a comfy and feet friendly option, ideal for long days.
shoes for women

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Jimmy Choo Sandals Collection

Have you had a chance to see the new Jimmy Choo sandals collection for summer 2013? If not you are in a perfect place to discover all the novelties of this famous Malaysian fashion designer.
One of the most distinguished fans on Jimmy Choo footwear was certainly Carrie Bradshaw – a fictional character of the famous American comedy-drama series and to be honest she contributed to a great extent to my Jimmy Choo addiction :-) .
If you are looking forward to making a fashion statement this summer a pair of sandals by this extraordinary designer is an ideal choice for you.
Of course Jimmy Choo’s shoes aren’t for women who love simple solutions but rather for brave fashionistas who like to go bold and prefer original and feminine pieces that make heads turn.
Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting pieces for summer 2013.

Jimmy Choo Sandals for Summer 2013

I have always liked gladiator sandals very much, in all kinds of styles and designs.
You can imagine how happy I was when I found this amazing pair with a lace up finish in the new summer collection.
This model is available in orchid suede and in black.

jimmy choo sandals

I wouldn’t call myself a fashion victim if I didn’t notice this delightful pair of platform sandals with a snake print.
I would wear them with a glamour maxi dress for a truly chic look.

jimmy choo shoes collection

Look at this amazingly creative pair of ankle tie sandals and let me know if you can say no to them.
With such a beautiful selection of colors combined with a snake print this one is just a perfect model for warm months in my opinion.

jimmy choo summer 2013

The model on the picture below is one of the most elegant ones included in Jimmy Choo sandals collection for summer 2013.
It will work out ideally for formal occasions where a refined look is a must.
Delhia, in embossed metallic leather with a cork covered heel will help you keep it stylish and graceful during this summer.

footwear 2013

If you follow my blog for a while already you might have noticed I am slightly obsessed with nice vivid colors.
You are not going to be surprised when I tell you that I found this pink model absolutely irresistible.
If you however prefer something less eye-catching this exact model is available also in light bronze and in metallic mirror.

designer sandals

If you were wondering if flat sandals are also a part of the collection then the answer is yes they do.
There are many models that combine style and comfort in the best possible way but a pair that I’d like to share here with you is this silver metallic leather sandal with a leopard lasered mirror insole.

flat sandals jimmy choo

Another model that’s definitely worth mentioning is this graceful and easy to wear thong sandal with pretty crystals.

stylish shoes

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Michael Kors Sandals

The winter is over and we can finally leave behind heavy jackets and warm boots and start replacing them with our beloved summer fashion items.
Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to fashion I do enjoy creating winter outfits as well and I am not a person who completely forgets about style and trends during cold months.
During summer however I become more creative than usual and I love that there is a such a wide range of shoes and clothes available in so many beautiful colors.
In whatever shop you are going to come in you will almost certainly be welcomed by vivid shades, flower prints and original designs.
And for such a colors lover like me this a real gift from heaven.
Flat sandals are obviously a must have of every summer collection and you should definitely have more than one just pair of them.
The biggest advantages of sandals? Comfort, versatility and most of the time the price, especially comparing to other types of shoes.
The well-being of your feet is guaranteed while wearing flat sandals, if one of your hot summer day includes lots of walking there is no more appropriate type of footwear for this occasion.
When it comes to versatility you have to remember that flat sandals can be a perfect solution also for elegant outfits.
I know most women use them for casual and every day options but well-selected models can be just perfect for more important events as well.
Let’s take a look at the most interesting models of flat sandals available in Michael Kors collection.

  • Michael Kors Alexi Studded Flat Sandal – this stylish model with studs and adjustable  ankle strap is available also in black, brown and navy blue.

michael kors sandals

  • Michael Kors Jordyn Studded Suede Sandal – this model is one of my favorite and if you like gladiator style make sure you check it out (available in yellow and in blue navy).

summer sandals 2013

  • Michael Kors Joni Snake-Print Thong Sandal – this model is simple and yet stylish, will look great with shorts or with a maxi dress.

flat sandals

If you can’t imagine your look without high-heels you won’t be disappointed as Michael Kors included plenty feminine and pretty pieces in his shoes collection.
Here I will name only few but make sure to take your time and admire the entire line.

  • Michael Kors Josephine Leather Platform Sandal – this incredibly high open-toe pair of sandals is available in black and brown.

michael kors shhoes

  • I loved this Berkley Patent T-Strap Sandal with a front zip, this model gives a multiplum of options and you can enjoy using it with a big number of styles and for different occasions.

michael kors footwear collection

  • Another model which I find worth pointing out is this Michael Kors Mikaela Snake Print Sandal, I think it is simply gorgeous and the color is just amazing.


  • While looking for a model to wear with my beloved jeans, maybe on chillier days I came across the sandals you can see on the picture below – Michael Kors Hutton Leather Slingback Sandal. I think it will look just fantastic and super stylish with my favorite pants and even just a simple white t-shirt.

designer shoes

If you love this American fashion designer as much as I do check out also my articles about Michael Kors totes and shoulder bags.

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Shoes 2013

Louis Vuitton plus spring plus shoes always equals very exciting news for me.
As a shoe addict I love it when my favorite brands introduce brand new collections and believe it or not I look carefully at every single model making sure I am not missing anything interesting.
The Louis Vuitton shoes collection for spring summer 2013 offers an incredibly wide selection of models that includes sandals, ballerinas, pumps, sneakers and much more.
Just as in their handbag collection the French brand put a lot of stress on geometric patterns also in the shoes line.
A perfect example which reflects this tendency is this Magic Square Pump In Sequin-Embroidered Silk model ($ 1,220.00) with yellow and white checkerboard pattern inspired by historic Damier canvas.

louis vuitton shoes 2013

Another interesting model that recalls Damier patterns and is characterized by a vintage touch as well is this slingback pump –  Hypnotic Pump In Pony-Styled Calf ($ 1, 130.00) with a pointed toe embellished with a sequin – embroidered flower.

louis vuitton shoes spring summer

Retro style and feminine design can be a fantastic combination and this Mimetic Pump ($805.00) is a proof of it.
This model is an excellent accessory for a classy and formal look where the perfection is a must.

louis vuitton footwear collection

In case you are not exactly a big fan of prints and patterns you are still in a right place for your shoes hunt as the new spring summer collection 2013 includes different styles of shoes as well.
You will be guaranteed a timeless elegance if you choose this black pair of Oh Really! pumps ($ 720.00).
You can never go wrong with this amazing model accessorized at the back with a golden LV padlock.

louis vuitton pumps

When it comes to feminine style Louis Vuitton is a real master at creating pieces that are not easy to forget.
It seems that the French brand knows their clients extremely well and always manages to address the needs of us women proposing shoes collection which are simply irresistible.
I personally hardly ever manage to say no to models with a LV monogram on them.
In the new spring summer collection a pair of shoes that immediately drew my attention was this Allamanda Pump In Monogram Vernis ($ 975.00).
I love the color and the metal toe cap as well that together make an ideal perfect pair of shoes for me.

summer designer shoes

When I think of a type of shoes that satisfies both my need of fashion and my feet’s need of comfort the first thing that comes to my mind are wedges.
In fact I always advise them to girls that want earn those extra centimeters but are still a bit unsure about walking on killer heels.
I think it is important and absolutely worth it to invest in a high-quality sandals wedges that will help you to be both stylish and comfy during the warm months.
From the Louis Vuitton’s new collection I selected this super sophisticated Sesame Sandal ($935.00) in glossy leather.
LV wedges

A wonderful thing about Louis Vuitton is that whatever shoes you are going to choose for yourself you will easily find a massive number of clothing and handbags in the LV stores to complete them with.
Even the online store gives you many inspiring suggestions on how to combine different items together in order to get a perfect result.

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Dior Shoes, Spring Summer 2013

We had a chance to take a look at the Diorissimo handbags already so I thought it is a perfect moment to check out Dior shoes collection for spring summer 2013 as well.
If I had to sum up this entire line of footwear in just one word it would be without a doubt elegance.
The French brand is a real expert at creating amazing timeless pieces that are all about sophistication, class and luxury.
Since the first moment I saw this new line during the Paris Fashion Week I knew it would turn out to be a great success.
My favorite category of Dior shoes from the new collection are pumps and they are the ones we are going to look at first.
I simply fell in love with these incredible models and if you are a shoe addict like I am you know what I mean.
And what exactly do I love about them? First of all the color palette. You can really see summer through these vivid pastels that include pink, blue, yellow and coral and they are just begging you to wear them on a warm sunny day.
I can already imagine wearing this pair of fluorescent shocking pink pumps that are not only feminine but reflect latest fashion trends as well.

dior shoes spring 2013

Talking about pumps I obviously couldn’t forget to mention probably the most original model of the line, I am talking about this gold, orchid and light grey asymmetric pair on the picture below.
I like the modern design as well as the shape of the heel all of which make these pumps a piece of art for me.

dior footwear 2013

A woman can never have enough pairs of black pumps and if you are looking for an elegant, fashionable and timeless model this open-toe pair might be the right choice for you.
I think it will look fantastic with an elegant outfit but could add a special touch to the more simple ones as well.

summer shoes

As you have probably noticed already the pointed pumps trend is back in fashion and it is in fact a very important element of the Dior’s new shoes collection for spring summer 2013.
A great example of what just said is this feminine model in peach mirror leather.

dior pumps

As I said before I’m a big pumps lover and I could pass hours talking about them but Dior’s new shoes collection isn’t obviously only about this one particular style of footwear.
Warm season’s must haves include sandals as well and the French brand’s options definitely deserve your attention.
What do you think about this open-toe pair of sandals with a snake print and shiny heel?

dior shoes collection

As you can see the new collection brings many interesting novelties and having a pair of these beauties in your closet can certainly make a difference when it comes to your spring and summer outfits.
For an extraordinary effect you can match them with a Dior handbag and enjoy every woman’s dream.

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Chanel Shoes, Must Haves for SS 2013

After the article about Chanel handbags today I would like to take a closer look at Chanel   shoes collection for spring summer 2013.
The handbags line was a very successful one so I was pretty sure the shoes collection would be as wonderful.
And also this time, once again my fashionista’s intuition didn’t disappoint me :-) .
What I found was an amazing line of creative and original pieces, some of which will capture more attention and some of which less but all of them equally gorgeous and irresistible.
The spring summer 2013 shoes collection includes all the indispensable models that you expect to find in the warm season’s lines: sandals, pumps, ballet flats and surprisingly also boots that I will go back to later on.
Let’s start from the model that was the first to have caught my eye – black and blue striped sandals with a heel.
To me they are a perfect equivalent of a hula hoop bag and why not they would make a real fashion statement if worn together.
This isn’t obviously an option for  those of you who like to keep it simple bit if you are a fan of bold solution which make heads turn you are going to love this combination.
The shape and the height of the heel makes them also easy to wear so as a result we get stylish look and comfort, can you really ask for more?

chanel shoes 2013

Another great model is this striped sandal, a little similar to the previous one but with a cap toe and multiple straps this time.
I like the selection of colors and obviously the stripes that are one of the main fashion trends of the season and I have to tell you it makes me insanely happy.

chanel spring summer 2013 shoes

I think real Chanel addicts will fall head over heels in love with this feminine pair of pumps with cubic heel with the name of the French brand engraved on it.

chanel pumps

Couple of pairs of super stylish boots are an absolutely fantastic elements of the new collection.
There is the beige, black and white color model available with or without straps and spring is going to be a very fashionable season for you if you have one of these in your closet.

chanel footwear collection

Needless to say that warm seasons without ballet flats are like a book without words, all right maybe I am getting a bit too dramatic but still it is much less comfortable and pleasant.
Chanel proposes two pretty models, both in mostly in blue – a color that seems to dominate the entire line actually.
From the two I prefer this girlish bi-color pair with a bow.

ballet flats 2013

Another model that I would certainly advise to all the comfort lovers is a pair of satin sandals with pearls and jewels.
This simple model is very practical, can be worn with multiple outfits and is perfect for days when lots of walking is included.

chanel shoes

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Tory Burch Shoes, Spring Summer 2013

A big hello to my beloved fashion victims:-)
Another day and another new collection to discover together.
I suppose Tory Burch doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone as this gorgeous woman is one of the most famous and most successful American fashion designers.
Tory Burch’s shops are one of my favorites and especially when it comes to shoes a perfect place to shop for any occasion or season.
I knew with the warm season just around the corner Tory Burch spring summer 2013 shoes collection would help me to update my closet with some extraordinary models and I was right.
No matter of the weather conditions outside my window, whether it’s summer or winter time I always put a lot of stress on comfort.
That’s why probably while checking out the brand new collection my attention was immediately stolen by Tory Burch flats. But what flats!
Stitched logo ballet flats are absolutely amazing and ideal for an effortless chic effect.
And the color palette is simply incredible, vivid shades like yellow, red, pink or blue will be so pleasant to experiment with and fantastic to create joyful spring outfits.

tory burch spring summer

Stylish loafers are one of the highlights of this new shoes collection.
The gold pyramid studs add a trendy touch and you are no longer forced to sacrifice comfort in favor of style.

tory burch shoes 2013

Moving on to sandals collection a pair of gold gladiator sandals draws our attention immediately.
You can wear this fabulous model both casually or formally depending on the occasion.

tory burch shoes collection

What our life would be like without gorgeous and feminine high-heels?
Thankfully we don’t need to worry about that especially with such an impressive line of heels available in the Tory Burch spring summer 2013 shoes collection.
Lose yourself in this huge range of models provided and find your perfect match that will help you underline your style.
I really fell in love with this glamorous pair of pumps with gold mirrored heel.
I find this model sophisticated and feminine and I am pretty sure it will make look great even the simplest of outfits.

tory burch heels

These original sandals in bohemian style are such a perfect option for hot months – joyful,rich and colorful.
Wear them with a dress or with a pair of jeans and enjoy your modern and chic look.

summer sandals

Wedges are a must have of every warm season by now so make sure you have at least one pair of them in your shoes collection.
Tory Burch present a wide range of models in so many colors and designs that you will certainly find an ideal pair that reflects your taste and your preferences.
If you are a lover of a sporty style take a look at this interesting model with elastic straps (available in navy and olive).

tory burch summer footwear

An elegant option that stole my heart  - a glossy pair with a wrap around ankle strap.

tory burch spring 2013

Add length to your silhouette by wearing these lovely wedges that feature a lace-like cut-out leather.
You can never go wrong by choosing white footwear for warm seasons and this specific model will give you a perfect dose of style and comfort.

tory burch

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