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Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade New York is one of the best American fashion houses and it became well-known and appreciated by clients around the entire world in a relatively short period of time.
To say that this brand’s handbags are beautiful and original is an understatement and to me some of them are in fact real art pieces created by talented people with a wonderful imagination and a great sense of style.
Kate Spade handbags collection features a wide choice of satchels, totes, shoulder bags, cross body bags, clutches and baby bags and results to be a perfect to way to indulge my bag obsession :-) .

kate spade handbags

If you want to banish the monotony in your closet I advise you to take a look at the satchels line and enjoy a wide choice of really beautiful and interesting pieces.
One of many satchels that drew my attention is this lovely Cricket Street Small Emilia ($ 448.00).
Made of pink leather and topped with a double-layered bow this model could be a great and sweet addition to your private collection of handbags.

kate spade satchels

The Wise Owl Quinn ($ 478.00) with its sleek set of owl eyes will add an original touch to your looks without giving up the practical aspects.

bags collection

The Hamilton Heights Small Canteen ($ 328.00) seems to be an ideal piece for these upcoming cold seasons.
I like its deep brown color and functional aspects which include a secure zip closure, inside pockets and a removable strap.


There are many wonderful accessories in the Kate Spade shoulder bags collection as well.
Let’s start with this quite unusual and original West Valley Quilted Nylon Valentine ($ 348.00).
It’s made of nylon and can be easily paired with many casual outfits and it’s ideal for every day use when we need easy to wear and functional pieces.

kate spade shoulder bags

I also loved this grey Cedar Street Luciana ($ 348.00) that is available in black and in red versions as well.
It’s an elegant and classic bag perfect to use for work, school or even for travelling.

shoulder bag

Kate Spade’s Stevie handbag is desired by many fans of the brand and famous among all the fashion victims around the world.
I personally like all of the versions of this model available butwhen it comes to shoulder bags the West Valley Nylon Stevie ($ 368.00) was the one to particularly drive my attention.
I couldn’t resist these sweet polka dots combined with a pink lining – absolutely irresistible.

nylon stevie

When it comes to totes you are going to find plenty pieces available in Kate Spade’s collection.
Right now I am going to name only few of my favorite like Aurelia Court Jessmin, Cedar Street Animal Medium Harmony, Disco Nap Bon Shopper and a library inspired Required Reading Bon Shopper on the photo below.

totes collection

Cross body bags by Kate Spade come in many different sizes, colors and styles but all of them have one thing in common – versatility.
You can pair them with whatever outfit you like elegant or casual and the stunning result is still what you are going to get.
I have to mention this gorgeous Valedictorian Fabric Julian ($ 258.00) which will be liked only by yellow’s fans :-) .

cross body handbags

Keep it stylish and feminine at the same time with this sweet Bright Light Carah ($ 158.00) ideal to fit all your essential belongings and will look fantastic with a girlish dress.

kate spade handbags collection

If you are looking for an elegant and classy handbag then you have to take a look at this Bright Ideas Fabric Maritza ($ 278.00).
I like the combination of red leather with animal print and a golden pyramid closure is just icing on the cake.

kate spade cross body bags

Clutches should define your outfits and the ones we find in Kate Spade’s collection certainly do the job.
I personally fell in love with the book inspired pieces and I couldn’t agree more with the description I found on the brand’s official website : “..the classics have never looked so good”.


Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Beau Bag Reviews

After the post that included opinions about Kate Spade’s cross body bags I was very pleased to receive extremely positive feedback and many requests to increase posts with reviews of handbags.
A lot of you told me it was very useful to get a first-hand opinion on pieces you like or consider buying in the near future.
Today I am going to share the reviews of the recently introduced 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag, I hope you enjoy it and find them helpful.

Kate Spade Beau Bag Reviews

Ashley Watson, 32 from Wichita (KS)

I bought my brand new 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag only few weeks ago but it’s already my favorite accessory of this season.
I decided t go for a pink and red combination since I am a big fan of vivid colors and I like eye-catching and unique pieces that make you stand out from the crowd.
I like the idea of placing one bow on the front pocket and the second one on the zipper pull – so cute!
I often use this bag for work and I can say it is very spacious and it fits all my belongings without problems.

kate spade beau bag

Samantha Donaldson, 40 from Provo (UT)

It took me quite a while to finally find my perfect black handbag that would be elegant and timeless but at the same time fashionable.
This is when a friend of mine suggested I should take a look at the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag and as soon as I saw the black version was available as well I didn’t hesitate and bought it immediately.
So far I couldn’t be happier with my choice and I highly recommend this handbag to anyone who is looking for high-quality and stylish pieces.

2 park avenue beau bags

Carlita Hall, 27 from San Francisco (CA)

As soon as this new line was available I knew my collection of Kate Spade’s handbags was going to expand.
I like bicolored fashion items and macchiato/black combination seemed just perfect for cold season so it didn’t take me too long to select my ideal bag.
I have a feeling this one will become my favorite accessory of this autumn.

kate spade beau bag reviews

Norma Henderson, 22 from Palm Bay (FL)

This beautiful bag was a birthday present I received from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it.
I tend to carry plenty of things in my handbag and this one is just perfect for me, it’s large and functional thanks to the presence of interior zip and double slide pockets as well as of a tablet pocket.

best bags

Sally Tucker, 31 from Boston (MA)

Kate Spade is my favorite brand when it comes to handbags and I treat myself with one of these beauties at least twice a year.
I knew for a long time the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag was the model I wanted, the only aspect I wasn’t sure of was the color and after some thinking I went for a gorgeous vivid red piece that will spice up my outfits.

2 park avenue beau bags collection

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

My Top 5 Clutches by Kate Spade

When it comes to Kate Spade we all know well there’s always something extremely interesting and inspiring waiting for us in her fashion collections.
Whenever my imagination needs to be stimulated I know all I need to do is just to take a look at one of the lines of this American brand and lose myself in all these amazing and original pieces.
If you read this blog regularly you probably had a chance to see my posts about totes and satchels already so I thought today it was perfect timing to share My Top 5 list of Kate Spade clutches with you.
Hope you enjoy it and make sure you leave your feedback and share your favorite pieces with me.

Kate Spade Clutches

1. The Wise Owl Clutch ($ 378.00) definitely deserves to be on the first place of this list.
Don’t laugh at me but I simply like owls, in every imaginable form, in fact I love to find them on my teacup, on my phone’s cover or on my t-shirts so as soon as I saw this cute bag I knew it was perfect for me.
I am sure it will look wonderful with both casual and elegant outfits and I am looking forward to completing my autumn looks with it.

kate spade clutches

2. Now this original Far From The Tree Taxi/Off Duty Clutch ($ 298.00) will certainly make heads turn with its unique design and a little yellow taxi closure.
The red interior lining makes a beautiful contrast with black exterior material with white apples print.
I guess there is no better bag for a stylish night out in New York (and not only) :-) .

taxi clutch

3. I Kissed a Frog Multi Clutch ($ 328.00) is the number three on my list.
It’s an elegant piece just perfect for special occasions but still unique and all but boring or banal.
I like the glitter fabric and the frog obviously :-) .

clutches collection

4. The Far From The Tree NYC Map Clutch ($ 248.00) is a creative and fun solution which can be easily mistaken with a real NYC map actually!
This amazing city was clearly an inspiration here and on the back of this clutch you are going to find some interesting facts about New York from the 70′s.

kate spade new york clutch

5. This is the last position on my Top 5 list of Kate Spade Clutches and it’s going to be the Disco Nap Dancing Clutch ($ 328.00).
It’s made of a hologram fabric with patent pvc trim and dancing lenticular printing was the first thing to drive my attention.
This piece will add a vintage touch to your outfits and is ideal for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement.

designer clutches

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Diaper Bags

If you are a young mom looking for a perfect diaper bag there is a great possibility you might find one in Kate Spade’s collection.
This famous American fashion designer being a mother herself knows understands perfectly how our need of stylish accessories doesn’t actually disappears after having a baby.
We still want to look and feel good and what we need is a combination of style with functionality – two aspects we certainly find in Kate Spade baby bags.
The collection includes really amazing pieces in a large choice of styles, designs and colors.
The first diaper bag that drew my attention was this pretty Flatiron Nylon Sophia Grace Baby Bag available in classic black and pink but also in a black and white stripes version and in black with white apples version which is actually my favorite one.

kate spade diaper bag

Another wonderful model available in this line is the West Valley Nylon Stevie Baby Bag in a fantastic floral print.
I love this functional and fashionable bag completed with 4 slide pockets and interior zip pocket, 2 exterior zip pockets, a pacifier holder as well as a nylon wipeable changing pad.

kate spade stevie baby bag

And who said diaper bags can’t be classy and elegant? The Sedgewick Place Nylon Pauline Baby Bag will look great even with the most sophisticated outfits and the stroller straps make it practical and easy to use.
It would make a wonderful baby shower gift as well and can be used as a “normal” bag when the baby phase is over.

diaper bags

You can’t miss the Kate Spade Nylon Denise Baby Bag neither, it is completed with a changing pad, a coin purse and useful stroller straps.

diaper bags collection

The Kate Spade Nylon Harmony Bag is a large and spacious piece that will easily fit everything a young mom needs to carry with her while outside.
It’s made of nylon so it’s easy to keep it clean and hygienic and I love the stylish red lining.

nylon harmony baby bag

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Cross Body Handbags Reviews

After my post about Kate Spade’s totes and shoulder bags I thought it would be a nice idea to actually get to know the thoughts and opinions of my readers and see if they love and admire this brand as much as I do.
In today’s post about Kate Spade Cross Body Handbags I am not going to share my personal opinions as I usually do, instead some of the readers of Bon and Ton will give you their own reviews of handbags they had a chance to use for a longer period of time.
I believe it can be really interesting and useful to get to know other girls’ experiences, especially if you are in a process of selecting a new model and still have some doubts about aspects like price/quality ratio, versatility or practicality.
I really hope you enjoy it and I am looking forward to getting your feedbacks.

Kate Spade Cross Body Bags Reviews

Anna Johnson, 23 from Elgin (IL)
I bought my first Kate Spade’s handbag about four months ago and I knew from the first moment the model I wanted was the Cobble Hill Mini Minka.
I was looking for a small-sized bag to match with my summer outfits while out on a date or meeting my friends and I can tell it was a perfect choice.
I went for a light pink version not only because it’s actually my favorite color but also because I found it easy to match with most of my warm season’s clothes.
After four months of quite an intense use I can tell it still looks perfect so it was definitely worth its price.

kate spade cross body handbags

Caroline Pileski, 32 from San Antonio (TX)

I am a big fan of Kate Spade and I am lucky to own quite a large number of her amazing handbags.
When I was asked to review one of the brands’ cross body bags I decided to talk about the Cobble Hill Ellen.
This handbag was actually a Christmas gift I received from my sister-in-law and probably one of the best gifts ever.
So what do I love about it? Certainly the chain detail on the leather strap, the lining and the gold printed ksny signature and spade stud.
I am not crazy about the color since I prefer the vivid shades but it works out perfectly with autumn and winter outfits.

kate spade reviews

Maria Sarah Moore, 38 from Garner (NC)

I found my Dean Street Julian online and bought it for a very good and convenient price.
I love its sophisticated design and the quality is just amazing. I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a stylish and high-quality bag.

cross body

Katie Gonzalez, 19 from Sacramento (CA)

My purple Bright Ideas Maritza is so far my favorite cross body bag ever!
It works out perfectly with both casual and elegant looks and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
It costs $ 328.00 and I do realize it’s an important amount of money but I believe it’s totally worth it.

kate spade reviews

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Totes

When it comes to Kate Spade Totes you can expect to find both casual and elegant pieces appropriate for many different styles and occasions.
As in most Kate Spade’s collections my attention was particularly drawn to the fun and original models but I don’t undervalue the classic pieces neither and appreciate them mainly for their solid and timeless design.
Let’s check out together the most interesting and inspiring handbags from this line.

Disco Nap Bon Shopper ($ 198.00) is a great casual tote that takes us back straight to old good 70′.
I love the colorful print and cute dot inside lining.

kate spade totes

Another great tote worth mentioning is the Lights Camera Action Terry ($ 248.00) made of a combination of black and silver material.
The size, zip closure and inside pockets make this handbag a very spacious and practical model.

casual totes

Kate Spade’s Collection of totes includes also this wonderful Wedding Belles Bon Shopper ($ 198.00) that absolutely stole my heart.
Available in cream/gold combination of colors this is a very feminine and romantic handbag I would recommend to all of my girl friends and would love to have it in my own collection of accessories.

kate spade shopper

Make sure you check out the Flatiron Nylon Barbara ($ 158.00) as well with its irresistible apple print but available in a total red version too if you prefer.
If you love black and white stripes instead you might want to take a look at this beautiful Flatiron Nylon Lisbeth ($ 248.00) on the photo below.

designer totes collection

The Grove Court Michelle ($ 398.00) is a fantastic leather bag with an open top and lovely black and red dot lining.
I love the design as well as the zip detail which adds a unique touch to this elegant piece.

kate spade leather handbags

The Barrow Street Bon Shopper ($ 248.00) has managed to win my affection especially due to its sweet pink and white ribbon but you have to check out the black version of this piece as well – extremely elegant and sophisticated.

barrow street bon shopper

The last model from Kate Spade totes’ collection I would like to share with you is this gorgeous Grove Court Thea ($ 448.00) with interior zip and double slide pockets and available in two versions of colors.

kate spade totes collection

If you love Kate Spade’s handbags check out our articles about their wonderful shoulder bags and satchels as well.
Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Shoulder Bags

After my post about satchels today I want to take a closer look at Kate Spade shoulder bags and share with you my favorite pieces.
In whatever project Kate Spade’s name is included we know we can expect something really interesting and all but boring and banal, in fact I was almost sure this collection was going to steal my heart immediately. And I was right!
You notice straight away that these bags were designed by a real artist and I appreciate a deep attention that was paid to every single detail in every single shoulder bag available in this collection.
Most of the handbags are big and spacious and perfect for everyday use but I also find them to be a wonderful source of inspiration and an ideal starting point for a stylish and classy outfit.
Let’s wait no more and see some of the amazing pieces included in Kate Spade shoulder bags collection.
I would like to start with this pretty Bow Terrace Fabric Small Fulton ($ 358.00) – a lovely piece characterized by a tricolor graphics and an adorable bow.

best handbags

If you are looking for a classic and timeless black shoulder bag that is going to last for years you might like this leather Cedar Street Luciana ($ 348.00).
This a really well-made piece, resistant to the passage of time and available in grey and in red as well.

kate spade leather bag

I am obsessed with colorful and fun fashion items and I like to complete my outfits with them all year long no matter of the weather conditions outside.
I actually tend to go bolder during the miserable days trying to cheer myself up by adding something joyful and “crazy” to my look.
You can imagine my reaction when I saw that the Cedar Street Medium Harmony ($ 298.00) was available in such a wonderful palette of vivid colors such as pink, yellow, red and purple.
I find this model lovely and absolutely irresistible and it goes straight to the top of my fall-winter season wish list.

kate spade shoulder bags

If you are a fan of an animal leopard print check out the Cedar Street Animal Medium Harmony as well ($ 298.00).

leopard print bag

The Abbey Court Tasmin ($ 378.00) is an example of a perfect combination of functionality with style.
It is available in beige and in bordeaux and I like both of the versions very much.

kate spade collection

Another piece from Kate Spade collection of shoulder bags I found really interesting is this gorgeous Oxford Stree Garret ($ 348.00).
Made of metallic crocodile embossed leather and with dot inside lining this handbag is a great smaller size piece ideal for many occasions.

shoulder bags

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Kate Spade Satchels

Kate Spade is an incredibly talented and creative fashion designer and her collections are all about original and extremely creative fashion items.
When it comes to satchels If you look well enough you might find few traditional classic pieces but most of them are just a synonym of two words: fun and charming.
The color palette is also very interesting and I love the choice of vivid shades that will certainly manage to bright up any outfit.
Some of the Kate Spade satchels are particularly eye-catching and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t share with you this fantastic Cinema City Popcorn Bag ($358.00) which I fell in love with from the first sight.
Honestly this is one of the funniest handbags I have ever seen in my entire life and it would be so great to actually wear it for a night out at the movies, can you imagine? :-)

kate spade popcorn bag

Another beautiful handbag you can’t miss in this collection is the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag ($498.00).
This piece is available in a large palette of colors which include purple, red and pink, black, red and black and macchiato.
I love the feminine design and 14-karat light gold-plated hardware adds a touch of class to the whole effect.

kate spade satchels

There is also another more pricey version of the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag which costs $ 998.00 and comes in black and macchiato leather combined with italian leopard print calf hair side.

2 park avenue beau bag

I immediately noticed this gorgeous yellow pebbled satchel - Sedgewick Place Emilia ($598.00).
If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your closet this could probably be a perfect option for you, however if you find yellow too bold there is a black version of this satchel available as well.

satchels collection

The West Valley Small Maryanne ($348.00) is a very romantic piece that will work out perfectly with a princess like outfit (and not only).
It is a small size bag but it can still fit a lot of things and make sure you check out its charming light green dot lining as well.
designer bag

The handbag you can see on the next picture (Catherine Street Joanie at $ 398.00) drew my attention especially because of its wonderful deep emerald color.
I also like the turnlock closure and irresistible small bow ties printed on inside lining.

kate spade satchels collection

If you love stripes then check out the Flatiron Nylon Maryanne ($198.00) – a spacious and practical piece perfect for work, shopping or travelling.
The presence of interior zips and pockets will help you to keep your belongings tidy and organized.

nylon handbag

Photos courtesy of www.katespade.com.

Michael Kors Handbags

When it comes to handbags Michael Kors is one of the most famous and respected designers in the fashion industry. All of my girlfriends love his pretty goodies and there is no better Christmas or birthday gift to treat them with than a nice MK handbag from the new collection.
I am myself a huge fan of this American brand so I understand and share their excitement and we spend a lot of time checking out either the thrilling novelties or inspiring iconic pieces we already know very well.

michael kors handbags

Michael Kors Totes

The most famous and desired element of Michael Kors handbags collection is definitely their line of totes. These models come in such a wide variety of designs and colors it will make your head spinning.
I am going to take this opportunity and name some of my favorites pieces from this line. First of all this Large Selma Saffiano Tote, it costs $ 378.00 and I find it extremely feminine and sophisticated at the same time. I love the combination of black and blue – my favorite colors together.

michael kors totes

Another piece I really like is this gorgeous Michael Kors Extra Small Kiki Dot-Print Tote ($ 138.00). I guess it would make a wonderful casual bag that will manage to cheer up even the simplest of outfits.

tote collection

The third and the last model from the totes collection I would like to mention here is this Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote ($ 298.00).
I know I am not being particularly original here since it is a typical classic MK tote but this is actually why I like it so much.
This handbag is not only spacious and practical but thanks to neutral color and simple design also easy to match with many fashion items.

michael kors

Michael Kors Shoulder Bags

Let’s move on to Michael Kors Shoulder Bags now and discover the most exciting pieces. This Large Leigh Shoulder Bag ($398.00) with sand python-print leather immediately drew my attention and will make a perfect accessory for many of my future looks.

michael kors shoulder bags

Other models from this line that are already on my wish list are a Large Uptown Astor Shoulder Bag, a Medium Susannah Quilted Bag, a Large Weston Pebbled Shoulder Bag and a Medium Stanthorpe Shoulder Bag you can see on the picture below.
It is made of a black tortuga leather which I simply love together with a chain and leather handle and quite irresistible inside monogram satin lining.

designer handbags

Michael Kors Crossbody Bags

This is probably my favorite line from the entire collection and it would be very difficult to find even just one piece that I don’t like – all of them are actually pretty amazing.
There is a Medium Selma Studded Messenger ($258.00) with pyramid-stud trim, very elegant and stylish at the same time.

michael kors crossbody bags

Another crossbody bag which certainly deserves your attention is this gorgeous Medium Chelsea Calf-Hair Messenger ($ 328.00).
I think it would make an excellent evening bag and I love the black leather with cheetah-print dyed calf hair as well as tassel and logo medallion details.

leather messenger

I also wanted to mention the super stylish and functional iPhone cases available in this collection.
You can choose between a Saffiano PVC iPhone 5 Crossbody or a Snake-Embossed iPhone Crossbody Case – both of them really cute and practical solutions.

michael kors iphone case

Michael Kors Satchels

Satchels are a wonderful option for those of you who need a spacious and easy to wear bag that will complete your daily outfits.
Michael Kors’ goodies definitely meet these requirements but at the same time have a lot to offer from the aesthetical point of view as well.
One of my favorite pieces is this black Large Grayson Logo PVC Satchel ($ 328.00) – versatile and practical.

michael kors satchels

Michael Kors Skorpios Zip-Top Satchel ($ 995.00) makes a perfect accessory and I love the top handles with rings and golden elements which add a touch of elegance and class to the whole effect.


Michael Kors Clutches

I obviously couldn’t forget about the wonderful line of Michael Kors clutches as well which includes amazing pieces such as a Large Tippi Zip Clutch, a Weston Two-Tone Foldover Clutch, a Large Jet Set Travel Clutch or a Gia Ostrich-Embossed Clutch just to name few of them.
I also like this Large Jet Set Grommet Zip Clutch ($ 108.00) you can see on the next picture made of sapphire pebbled leather with all over silver color grommets.

clutches collection

Check out also Michael Kors Gia Metallic Quilted Leather Clutch ($ 550.00) in silver metallic quilted leather and with logo-engraved push-lock clasp.

leather clutch

Photos courtesy of www.michaelkors.com.

Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Every fashion victim on this planet will probably jump up and down with excitement as soon as she hears these magical words being pronounced - Dooney and Bourke Handbags.
When the company was first founded back in 1975 it actually offered only belts and suspenders but thank heaven few years later it expanded and started the handbags production as well.
Since then Dooney and Bourke bags have become a synonym of good style and a perfect accessory for millions of women around the world.
The American brand is well-known for its wide and rich collections that include a large variety of pieces in order to meet your needs and satisfy your fashion taste.
It is truly a perfect place to go when you are in need for a new bag, whether it’s a casual tote or an elegant purse you are looking for.

dooney and bourke handbags

Dooney and Bourke Leather Handbags

Dooney and Bourke leather handbags’ collection is the largest one and includes a huge number of lines such as:

  • Oberland bags – what you can find here are two very interesting models: Large Grommet Sac and Medium Grommet Sac that will make a perfect accessory for your everyday outfits.
  • Exclusive Python Editor’s Travel Bag – this one is a very unique and sophisticated bag thanks to which you are not going to pass unnoticed.
  • Quilted Nubuk – this wonderful line includes a Satchel, a Zip Zip Shoulder Bag, a Shopper and a Flap Crossbody – all pretty amazing and worth looking at.
  • Quilted Florentine – if a unique design and timeless class is what you are longing for then you must take a look at this line.
  • Smooth Leather Large Pocket Shopper – spacious and hardy this bag will stay with you for years and still look perfect.
  • Metallic Leather Lexington Shopper – I really fell in love with the beautiful color of this handbag, I think it will brighten up your outfits in the best possible way.
  • Embossed Snakeskin – the O-Ring Shopper with Tan Trim is my favorite piece but make sure you check out the entire collection to discover all the lovely models vailable.
  • Montebono – it was love at the first sight for me and I like to go back often to this wonderful line when I am in need of fashion inspirations.
    I love the colors, design, style and fabrics and could welcome the entire line into my closet.
  • Florentine Edge – as soon as you check out this line you are going to have a hard time forgetting about famous Savannah Satchels available in different sizes.
  • Snake
  • Nubuk Italia
  • Montecatini - this line includes beautiful leather bags such as Medium Ring Hobo, Diamond Shopper, Small Ring Hobo, Large Zip Zip Satchel and Button Slouch.
  • Davis Leather Logo Lock Tote
  • DB Retro Leather - looking for a retro touch combined with class and elegance? This line might be a perfect place to start from.
  • Mauro Governa
  • Lambskin
  • Florentine – this line is an incredibly wide one and you are going to find tens of handbags in different colors, shapes and designs.
  • Dillen 
  • All Weather Leather - one of the most famous lines of handbags by Dooney and Bourke with its fantastic Duck Bag.
  • Amazon – shoulder bags, drawstrings, shoppers and satchels – all these and more is waiting for you in this wonderful line.
  • Alto - this is another line with a wide choice of handbags, unfortunately I can’t name all of them but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention my absolutely favorite piece – a Magnetic Crossbody – original and stylish at the same time.
  • Calf
  • Patent – these shiny and glossy pieces will make a perfect summer accessory in my opinion.
  • Ostrich
  • Nubuk
  • Python
  • Croco
  • Pebble Grain - the models that manged to drive my attention are Fredrica Bag, Juliette Hobo and Medium Susanna.

dooney and bourke leather handbags

Now let’s take a look at the Signature line of Dooney and Bourke bags.

  • Florentine Jacquard - this line includes pieces which are quite elegant but this shouldn’t stop you from combining them with outfits in different style too.
    If you get creative you can really get amazing results.
  • 1975 Signature – I might have already mentioned that on this blog so forgive me if I am being repetitive but I really love the travel bags and suitcases available in this line.
    Check out the 1975 Rolling Trunk and let me know if you share my enthusiasm.

signature bags

If you love colorful, original and creative handbags you will certainly like the Grafica line of Dooney and Bourke.

  • Beach Umbrella Leisure Shopper – ideal way to complete your holiday’s looks.
  • Hydrangea – this line includes lovely feminine and romantic pieces my favorite of which is a Small Double Handle Tote.
  • Cupcakes – probably the sweetest line of handbags that was ever designed.
    One of these “cupcake bag” will make it a tiny bit easier to go through a hard and long day.
  • DB Retro – with Dooney and Bourke logo graphics.
  • Tartan – includes a Small Barrel Bag, a Braided Shopper and a Satchel.

dooney and bourke grafica handbags

The last line of Dooney and Bourke handbags is the Fabric line which includes:

  • Eva – this line includes a selection of nice and well-made bags, ideal for more than just one occasion.
  • Nylon and Nylon Print – here you are going to find fun, practical and easy to wear pieces just perfect for every day use. Check out the Nylon Print line as well for some really nice animal print pieces.
  • Cabriolet – the Small Tablet Crossbody absolutely stole my heart and I know all the tech addicts are with me :-)
  • Canvas
  • Reusable Canvas Tote – eco-friendly and comfortable for shopping.

dooney and bourke

Photos courtesy of www.dooney.com.